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[[File:Gold_-_5.jpg|thumb10 gold Gold is an in-game currency in Bus Simulator Ultimate. It is one of the two in-game currencies besides Money.


Gold coins are used in the game for upgrading terminals as well as buying new office in other countries. They also allow players to play the game in easy mode, which only costs 1 gold.

How to obtain[]

There are at least three ways to obtain gold coins in the game.

  • Gifts: Gold coins can be obtained at random times through Gifts.
  • Daily Bonus: When players play the game every 7 consecutive days, they will be offered 10 gold coins and a large amount of money on the seventh day. This offer repeats every week.
  • Store: Players can purchase gold coins (and also money) in the in-game store using real life currency. There are certain times where items are discounted in there.